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At Claims Nidan, we provide a comprehensive array of insurance claim settlement services to accommodate all kinds of claims. We aim to streamline the claims procedure and make it as easy and stress-free as we can. An outline of the services we offer is as follows:

Health Insurance Claims

Unexpected medical costs can be very expensive. We assist you in quickly filing and resolving your health insurance claims so you can concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about money.

Life Insurance Claims

It’s never easy to deal with a loved one’s passing. We manage your life insurance claims with tact and consideration, giving you the assistance needed in your times of hardship.

Claims for Term Insurance

It’s critical to safeguard your family’s future. In order to make sure that your loved ones get the benefits they are entitled to, our professionals help you navigate the difficulties of filing term insurance claims.

Overseas/travel insurance claims

Ensuring the safety of your international travels is our priority. Our professionals are here to guide you through the complexities of filing overseas/travel insurance claims, making sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Motor Insurance Claims

When an accident occurs, Claims Nidan is available to assist. We manage every aspect of motor insurance claims, encompassing Third-Party Liability, Theft, and Accident claims.

Short-Settled Claim

We get insurance so that we can file a claim in an emergency. Regretfully, it is possible that you will not receive the whole amount of your claim, which might be frustrating. We assess the circumstances and endeavor to make sure that the insurance company pays you the full amount of your claim.

Know Your Policy

This service helps clients find errors or inconsistencies in their life and health insurance policy documentation, such as erroneous health conditions, lifestyle choices, contact information, or nominee information. Future claim delays or rejections may be avoided with the use of this function.

Insurance misselling

This type of fraud is frequent and involves tricking a consumer into purchasing an insurance policy based on a fictitious promise. Claims Nidan helps you combat dishonesty and misrepresentation. Enhancing fraud losses and safeguarding policyholders is crucial in ensuring they receive their just rewards.